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Youtube download

Youtube download

Some years back it’s impossible for anyone to download any video on YouTube, but today due to the advancement and high demand for ways to download videos on YouTube there has emerged hundreds of ways people can actually download any video on YouTube. Below we highlight some of the simple and interesting ways one can download videos on YouTube for free.

Step 1. Log on to YouTube on your browser e.g CHROME,SAFARI etc

Step 2. Open the video you want to download

Step 3. Go to the url on your browser and delete everything before the Y, and type the word SS before Y and press enter.

Step 4. A new site will open up for you.

Step 5. An extension of the video format you want to download will appear.

Step 6. Select the format you want,and download.


alternatively you can head on to play store, or apple store on your phone and download the 4k video downloader,which has the options to download videos from YouTube directly into your phone,it has options for downloading videos of all format.


you can also go to google and typ tubemate and download it through the tubemate website,unfortunately this mobile app has been removed from the Google play store for a long time due to some issues, you can download it and start using it to download videos on YouTube, it’s simple and easy to use.

you can download vidmate on your phone and Install it,it cames with alot of features to download videos on YouTube for free.

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