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Some interesting fact about Google

Some interesting fact about Google

1. Google receives an average of 63,000 searches per second in every single day.

2. Google owns more than 200 companies.

3. Google’s internet service run on 2 billion lines of code.

4. As at 2003 56% of the internet users Google themselves.

5. Employees are called Googlers, while new ons are called Nooglers.

6. Google pays Mozilla millions of Dollers each month so that Google will be it default search engine.

7. Many google employees became instant millionaires when google first went public in 2004.

8. On August 16,2013 google went down for 5 minutes, and in that time the global internet users went down to 40% .

9. Because Gmail was launched on April 1st ,many people thought it was an april fool prank.

10. Google is now worth more than $300 Billion

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