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There is a replacement thanks to tweet and it involves recording your voice but before I present that to you, let’s check out a tidbit of how, when and who invented Twitter. Twitter, which may be a social networking and mini blogging site was invented and launched in July 2006 by an American Jack Dorsey. It started using text based posts of 140 characters, referred to as ‘tweets’ and therefore the site has stepped into limelight because it is employed by many people worldwide and handles billions of searches per day.

On the 17th of June, 2020, twitter released its debut new voice tweet feature as how to feature human touch to the platform. the corporate announced that everybody will soon be ready to send voice tweets as they need the choice to share audio recordings of up to 140 seconds on to their post to accompany the text, photos, GIFS and videos they need to share with their followers.
Maya Patterson and Remy Bourgoin, Twitter employees wrote during a post that “there’s tons which will be left unsaid or uninterpreted using text, so we hope that voice Tweeting will create a more human experience for listeners and storytellers alike.” the tactic of creating a voice tweet is analogous to a text one such users press a newly added wavelength icon and begin speaking. If the knowledge being communicated requires quite 140 seconds, a replacement voice tweet will automatically start, thereby, creating a thread.

It is deserve note that Twitter has been criticized within the time past for its inability to adequately monitor text – only posts, therefore, Vice’s Jason Koebler raised questions on how Twitter will moderate audio recordings. Also, the women, people of color and members of the LGBTQ community have detailed experiences over the years of putting up with harassment campaigns, death threats and abusive language. This feature upgrade doesn’t seem to incorporate an accessibility feature to permit for deaf and hard of hearing users to read what audio post say through closed captioning.
To know your way round the new voice tweet feature, here are a number of the steps to follow in taking note of audio tweets in your feed and composing your audio recordings:

  1. To concentrate to a voice tweet that appears in your feed, simply click on the audio to play, then you’ll see what audio is playing during a bar across rock bottom of your app. The tweets don’t appear to auto-play, hence enhancing the necessity for the audio tweet to be clicked.
  2. To compose a voice tweet, create a post within the same way you’d for text.
  3. Find the audio option, that is, the icon that appears sort of a bunch of sound waves or wavelength. If you are doing not see this icon, it means the voice tweet feature isn’t yet available to you. Click this icon to start out your recording.
  4. Press record as you’ll voice tweet up to 140 seconds worth of audio. If there’s got to record quite that, a Twitter thread will automatically be created with all of your audio in snippets. Afterwards, send tweet.

In the Apple iOS mobile OS , audio tweets are often listened to while continuing to scroll through a feed. Although, this feature are going to be limited to certain iOS users initially but will roll bent everyone within the coming weeks as users who don’t currently have the power to record can still hear posted audio tweets and reply to them via text tweets. consistent with Twitter’s help center, users won’t be ready to answer audio tweets with their own audio tweets.

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