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Oneplus Tv

OnePlus, after launching its first TVs under the Q series in 2019, and later the Y series, have bounced back in 2020 to beat other smart TVs with its 55-inch OnePlus U series. This unique TV which seems to have fixed the shortcomings of the previous TV series has earned the chance to compete with other prominent and successful TV series in the Indian market like the Vu and Xiaomi.

It has a tough aluminium body on the back with an amazingly slim edge of 6.9mm. That is slimmer than OnePlus 8 Pro. Despite the fact that it’s not 6.9mm from top to bottom, around 25-30% of the base back bit is larger and has a slight structure Segway too. It has an overall premium look but comes at an affordable price The OnePlus TV U1 has a 55-inch 4K LED show with HDR10+ and Dolby. Also, the board has 93% DCI-P3 shadowing extent and OnePlus’ Gamma Engine that convey a fresh picture, dynamic difference, against associating, and clamour decrease. This likewise gives a smooth video playback that diminishes the idleness to 22ms. This is a positive advantage over what Xiaomi brings to the table in this perspective.

Unlike the thin and a bit difficult to use Q1series remote, the OnePlus TV U1 is considerably better. It is bigger, with complete buttons which includes: Android navigation keys, the volume control buttons, buttons for summoning Google assistant and launching Netflix and Amazon Prime videos, devoted mute button, and back and home navigation buttons but no dedication buttons. The remote is plastic, works with two AAA batteries, and also a multifunction button, obviously, it is a well-planned design.

With the OnePlus TV U Series (55U1), you are surely getting a perfect Android TV experience. Not quite much changed on the software aspect because it still has the typical Android TV 9 pie with OnePlus’s oxygen play launcher. It gives you access to Google Play Store for many apps and games. This particular TV fixed the little software issues that OnePlus TV QI pro has. There is additionally an AI picture quality mode that lets the TV alter settings on the fly as indicated by the substance on screen, and this also worked very well. This TV is fast, responsive and straightforward to use.

There is no type of connectivity options that you may be looking for that cannot be found in the OnePlus TV U1, it has Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5.0, Chromecast built-in, DLNA, and also Bluetooth Stereo mode. There was no issue encountered while connecting the TV over Wi-Fi. The TV also had three HDMI ports with 2.0 and 3. 0 USB ports.

OnePlus Cinematic Display
55 inch(1.4m), 4K panel
93% DCI-P3
Gamma engine
HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision

Great design with tiny bezels
Functional Remote
Difficult wall mounting.

Infinix Smart TV

While the Indian TV market was encountering goodness from the elegantly designed Android TV courtesy of OnePlus, the Nigerian market was likewise honoured with one of its kind by the popular Hong Kong-based tech company, Infinix. Infinix TV SI is the first-ever smart TV product made by this prominent smartphone brand. It is available in two sizes; 43-inch and 55-inch and is also the first TV that supports a high level of collaboration with smartphones.

Infinix smart TV S1 is an absolute beauty to behold. It looks bigger and smarter though not with a size and design entirely different from most smart TVs available in the smart TV market space. It features a frameless design that allows for immersive wide viewing experience. The frame is made up of metal just like the body while the stand and mainboard cover is made with plastic. It includes a Wide Voltage Range plan. This is helpful when you have a shaky voltage of above 90V or beneath 264V. The 43 inch displays HDR(High Dynamic Range) while the 55 inch also displays HDR but with an addition of 4K Ultra-HD resolution which equals deluxe standard picture quality.

One of the reasons why Infinix TV SI is considered extraordinary smart TV is its ability to work harmoniously with smartphones. Though the TV has its own remote, but when it is nowhere to be found, With the Infinix Lite App on your smartphone, you get to control your smart TV without any interruption. Your smartphones can be used to adjust volume, cast via Wi-Fi/hotspot, select Apps, mirror TV/phone, wristband and mouse with just a click. This feature allows you to successfully display the contents of your mobile device without any disruption.

The connectivity is what makes a device smart. Just like the Oneplus TV 55U1, this S1 TV belongs to the smart family because of its internet connectivity features and the rest. Infinix smart TV S1 can be connected directly through Hotspot/Wi-Fi. There is Bluetooth 4.0 for easy connection to gaming controllers, Bluetooth speakers and earphones. It also features video Apps like YouTube and Netflix. It contains Google chrome browser which enables you to effortlessly surf the web using your TV.

Memory: 1+8GB(43S1), 1.5 + 8GB (55S1)
Resolution: 19201080(43S1), 38402160(55S1)
Speaker: 2*10W (both)
Prices: about N93,000(43S1), N152, 000 (55S1)

To Infinix, this major step into TV production could be another means of living up to their tagline which simply states “The Future is Now”. But one thing is certain, Oneplus is out to do in the Indian TV market space, the same thing Infinix could also be out for in the Nigerian TV market; to compete with successful products and probably take over with outstanding performance. However, every step taken by any tech company to bring tremendous change and development to the technology world will always be welcomed.

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