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The Nigerian Communication Commission unveils its new regulation


A fresh transformation which may soon unfold is being ushered into the Nigerian telecom sector after this Executive president [EVC], face to face of Prof Umar Danbatta of the Nigerian Communications Commission was reinstated intrinsically giving clear signals that it is a replacement dawn for the telecom sector, thereby signaling to the industry game players that the principles of the game has changed and it isn’t going to be business as was common .

Immediately after his reinstatement, Prof Danbatta unveiled and announced a replacement Strategic Management Plan [SMP]. He declared that the strategy was a neighborhood of his enlisted strategy of developing a smooth action line to strengthen effective management and regulation of the telecom sector of Nigeria. it had been unveiled that the SMP leverages on the National Digital Economy Policy and Strategy, NDEPS, also because the new National Broadband Plan, NBP, 2020 – 2024 Roadmaps. The SMP which was said to be developed internally by the commission with the authorization of the Management and Board could also be a visioning document which is being enacted for planning, monitoring, analyzing and assessment of the commission objectives and goals within subsequent five years, that is, 2020 – 2024. this might function the Commission’s guideline and operational manual toward the achieving the digital economy agenda for the federal .


The plan which was launched in Abuja by Prof Danbatta was stated publicly to be an intentional strategy that was created to assist NCC in heralding its telecom regulatory mandate on successful springboards. He added that taking into consideration the emerging and upcoming trends within the industry, the SMP will act as a futuristic roadmap. He stated that “the Federal Government’s economic diversification plans are focused on a robust digital economy, which may improve employment generation, also as encourage innovation. This was a serious point in our minds during the formulation of the SMP. we’ve invested great time and energy in ensuring that this document is pragmatic, which i’m very confident and excited in its completeness to successfully guide the Commission in achieving the set objectives. We are committed to the implementation of this SMP,” he added.
Obviously, the Minister of communications and Digital Economy, Dr. Ibrahim Pantami was highly impressed with the most recent development within the Commission as he said: “I feel very excited for the actual fact that there is a big improvement within the performance of NCC. The launch of this SMP 2020 – 2024 could also be a transparent indication of that. When an organization is performing, it’ll create an innovative idea on the thanks to be more strategic and successful. When an organization isn’t performing, you’ll not hear anything on the thanks to implement new policies nor come up with different strategies and plans,” he said. Nevertheless, Pantami made it deserve note that despite the increased performance of NCC, there is a requirement for the Commission to be consistent in its standards, redouble its efforts, and challenge its previous achievements by setting new records through effective implementation of the SMP 2020 – 2024.

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