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E – SIMs: the new generational evolution of SIMs

As far because the telecoms industry cares , this e-SIMs news is that the best that has been heard. E-sim card which is additionally referred to as virtual Sim cards are now usable in Nigeria because it was launched officially on the 15th of July, 2020 courtesy of the telecoms giant, MTN Nigeria Plc in alignment with the approvals received from the Nigerian Communication Commission [NCC]. it had been indeed a game change within the telecoms industry of Nigeria as this new turntable places MTN Nigeria on a replacement springboard of maintaining the kingship position within the telecoms sector since this is often the primary of its kind during this a part of Africa. In accordance to the announcement made by the service provider, MTN, the virtual cards will operate an equivalent level of functionalities like the physical SIM cards though it’ll not require a SIM card but its security is better also as improvement in customer service experience alongside provision of fantastic service delivery to the satisfaction of the purchasers .

Mazen Mroue, the Chief Operating Officer of MTN Nigeria said that the corporation was really during a rush to undergo the testing process in order that the elite technology might be of giant benefit to the Nigerian citizenry. He related that the invention of e-SIMs (Subscriber Identity Modules cards) was ensure absolute liberty, convenience and adaptability . it’s worthy to notice that the e-SIMs are built into smartphones, devices and wearables, as such, they’re not detachable unlike the physical SIMs. Another great feat that’s humbling is that the incontrovertible fact that these virtual SIMs support multiple profiles and enable customers to attach with multiple numbers on their e-SIM devices. Mr. Mroue nailed the purpose that “regardless of the high technicality of e-SIMs, the onboarding prerequisites are an equivalent , as are required for a physical SIM intrinsically , SIM registration, in line with existing regulatory guidelines, remains a requirement for approaching board and utilizing a tool embedded with an e-SIM.

It was revealed that the trial and testing of the efficiency of the new technology will last for one year and it might be served on a frontline basis as there are limited slots available for the subscribers. Furthermore, he noted that the virtual SIMs are going to be on point for people that like better to manage personal and business lines effectively and efficiently thereby, permitting frequent travelers and tourists to simply opt and keep an area subscription when making a visit to Nigeria as MTN is placing all hands on deck to reinforce the digital economy which makes MTN a forerunner within the adoption of e-SIMs. Information reaching out subscribers shows that it’s a simple task to line up an e-SIM profile with a replacement and existing mobile plan for those that own e-SIM compatible devices.

Subscribers are advised to endeavor to go to an MTN service centre where well equipped staff will help with onboarding and registration at a freed from charge basis as virtual SIM users are going to be ready to link with multiple compatible devices to their profile. The virtual sim is made into the device and thus can’t be lost or damaged by the owner. If the mobile device gets lost or damaged however, the user will got to visit an MTN store to possess it deactivated.

Since virtual SIMs aren’t compatible with all devices but certain brands can have e-SIMs integrated in them and a few of the Google phones include Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, for Apple you’ve got iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR while the Samsung S20 series also are compatible with eSim cards.

How to use the e-SIM efficiently
There is got to enable your device to be ready to use eSim cards and therefore the activation has got to be wiped out an MTN store by a customer care agent. consistent with MTN, the method is completed at a freed from charge basis to the subscriber. Once the compatibility of the e-SIM has been ascertained, an account profile is made for the subscriber and therefore the agents complete the mixing process with the user. After the mixing process is completed, a customer will find that using the virtual card is essentially an equivalent as using the physical SIM although there are new additions like the very fact that while the physical sim cards can store up to 200 contacts, eSim cards can store quite 200 contacts. Phone numbers can’t be transferred or linked to the eSim cards at the instant and with eSim cards now available for mobile, Sim cards have undergone a 360-degree transformation. during this a part of the planet where telcos have moved from macro sims to micro, and nano sims, eSim cards is that the next generation of SIM card evolution.

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