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What you would like to know about social media latest updates?

Social media is legendary for its various platforms from the moment and social messaging dimension to the photo sharing dimensions. It’s important to understand the newest feature update of the social media giants.

Heres what you would like to understand about them.


The famous social media giant, Facebook has begun the method of merging instagram and facebook messenger chats. this is often to enable users to talk across both messaging platforms, thus, the instagram app are going to be ready to utilize Messenger functionality also as add more emojis and therefore the ability to talk with friends who use Facebook, beat one single dose. The feature update will soon be available to Android and iOS devices. This effort made by Facebook might be to integrate all the companys messaging services together. Mark ZUckerberg within the past two years has ensured the re-package and re-brand of Instagram and WhatsApp so on increase users awareness that the apps are owned by Facebook.
Zuckerberg also made it known that the cross-app functionality will occur in 2020 or beyond but it’s an effort to bring all its apps into one unified experience, as such, not having to exit one app to look at message from the opposite . In 2012, Facebook acquired instagram for $715 million and this app has quite 1 billion users and generated quite 1 / 4 of the social-media companys revenue last year. The report currently dispatched by team responsible of direct messaging on Instagram reports to the Facebook Messenger team is that the corporate is changing Instagrams branding to Instagram from Facebook. this type of step could permit the social networking guru enhance the rise in user engagement to advertisers, thus ramping up its advertising department .


Telegram recently announced that it’s launched an alpha version of the one-on-one video calls on both its Android and iOS apps because it revealed that the year 2020 had highlighted the necessity for virtual communication. Telegram described the method of starting a video call during a blog post marking its seventh anniversary: Tap the profile page of the contact you would like to attach with. Telegram users can switch from video at any time during a call and therefore the video can also support picture mode, as such, users can continue scrolling through the app or chatting if the decision gets uninteresting. This makes Telegram one among the apps with the defining features of audio-video call and texting at an equivalent time, also, the video calls have end-to-end-encryption.


In accordance to a report by TechCrunch, a security researcher, face to face of Saugat Pokharel, found that Instagram retained photos and personal direct messages on its server even after deletion. the safety researcher was awarded $6,000 bug bounty pay because the bug was reported October 2019 and it had been fixed earlier this month by Instagram.

Instagram reportedly submitted that it takes about 90 days for deleted data to be totally eradicated from its systems, networks and caches but the researcher found that Instagrams servers still retained a number of his data even after deletion for quite a year. He found photos and personal messages which he and other users had previously deleted by using Instagrams data download tool. However, there was no evidence of abuse and therefore the issue has been correctly fixed.


WhatsApp, one among the conglomerates of Facebook has confirmed that each one the recently announced WhatsApp features are going to be available for all users globally within the days to return .

The subsequent are lists of latest and upcoming WhatsApp features which will soon be made available to all or any users:

1. QR codes
This feature will enable WhatsApp users to feature someones contact number by simply scanning a QR code and this may make sharing group invites with none hassle. The QR code feature was launched on Blackberry messenger prior but has just been launched on WhatsApp and it’s set to be available to all or any WhatsApp enabled devices.

2. Dark mode for web
The dark theme which is now available for the online version was initially introduced for the mobile earlier this year. In similar choice to the mobile version, the online now has the choice of either light or dark theme and this feature is already available for all users worldwide.

3. Video call improvement
Since the emergence of the Covid-19, video-calling has been of utmost importance. However, WhatsApp has not been ready to attain to the clique of apex video-calling apps. The remake has improved the standard of video calls and it also allows users to maximise the video of a specific contact to full screen with just a faucet also as add contacts to the video call, hence, forming a call quite feature.

Upcoming WhatsApp features

• Multi-device support
WhatsApp multi-device feature will enable users to use their WhatsApp account on multiple devices. The users are going to be available to use WhatsApp on two or more smartphones or tablets. WhatsApp is testing the feature for quite a while and is predicted to release it within the coming days. There are not any specifics as regards the discharge timeline by the messaging platform yet.

Self-destructing messages
This is one feature that WhatsApp has been testing for quite a while but hasnt revealed any release timeline yet. this may work just the way WhatsApp Stories or Status work and disappear after 24 hours. Apparently, users will soon be ready to send messages which will disappear automatically after a group period of time .


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