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The issue of unemployment has remained a hydra-headed problem of the planet , especially for developing countries like Nigeria. With the consequences of COVID-19 pandemic, things has become direr, as different sectors of the economy and industries stand greatly threatened including the financial and technology industry in Nigeria. The youths of any nation represent a formidable workforce of such nation, given their energetic abilities, including their zeal for partaking in technological innovation that’s driving global economies. But in Nigeria, an outsized population of youths between the age brackets of (15-35) remains largely unemployed, even when majority of them are tertiary education graduates.

Currently, the software engineering talent firm, Andela has laid off 135 of its staff across four locations in Africa including Nigeria, while some financial institutions and commercial banks have had to also take measures like salary cuts to make sure decrease in their workforce base. Financial institutions like , Ren Money has recently, laid off about 391 sales agents, claiming that a replacement technology was being developed to vary the company’s routine and in situ of the staffs, an app was introduced so as to require up the assignments the sector sales agents wont to do.

Despite the desperate straits that COVID-19 has put many global industries, there seems to be hope in any case as futuristic IT companies say they will still hire at an unstoppable rate. as an example , Tek Experts a multinational IT support and professional services company recently said it’s no intention of reducing its staff base because it foresaw the longer term of labor and aligned itself to the method . With its operations in seven countries, including Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica , Nigeria, Vietnam, USA and Rwanda, the corporate said its target is to be a serious employer of labor and revealer of a replacement digital dispensation. Tek Experts provides technical support and professional services for a few of the world’s largest IT companies, as such, the corporate has over 7,000 employees across seven global offices, but says it desires to extend staff strength because with more people working remotely during this era using tech support, the more the service it provides, because it will become been more wanted .

The company began operations in Nigeria in April 2018, promising to use 300 staff by the top of its first year and a couple of ,000 staff by the top of its second year. As at May 2020, Tek Experts says it’s employed 1,350 staff and remains up scaling its business and plans to upgrade its staff strength to 2,000 people by the top of 2020. Once employment appointment has been prescribed , the organization trains its staff for 6 weeks, using Microsoft-approved curriculums and training programs.

Although technology companies, like Tek Experts, are empowering youths and reducing youth unemployment, but governments within the least levels, must play their roles by creating the suitable environment which can further drive technology innovations and bridge unemployment gap. Government had several technology hubs built across different states of the country, but has lacked maintenance techniques after establishing them for the primary one year, thus resulting in several abandoned technology hubs that were initially designed to develop technology startups that might create solutions like mobile apps that ought to address specific challenges within the country and grow the nation’s economy. one among such abandoned projects, is that the Idea Hub in Yaba, Lagos that was abandoned after it had been established by the federal .

Majority of the worldwide technology companies that have operations in Nigeria, have always commended Nigerian youths for his or her resilience, diligence and zeal for technology innovation. From Google to Microsoft to Andela, and to Tek Experts, including small size technical support companies, they need always loved Nigerian youths, describing them as smart and talented folks that are willing to explore new things. What they continually say about Nigerian youths is completely correct yet the youths haven’t been ready to create a distinct segment marketplace for themselves within the technology space for several reasons like lack of exposure to modern technological tools, lack of ICT infrastructure then on. a number of the milestones that tech giants has crossed in Nigeria include Google, through its LaunchPad Accelerator programme, has trained several Nigerians in ICT skills. Its recent partnership with Aba traders in Abia State, where traders were empowered on the way to make their products visible online, may be a testament by Google Nigeria, through IT training offered to Nigerians, including youths and ladies . Tek Experts, has also reached some levels of milestones in several ICT training and capacity building development for Nigerian youths.

The following are the highest 10 tech companies that are enlisted for youth employments in Nigeria:

  1. Andela
  2. Paystack
  3. Jumia
  4. Microsoft
  5. Interswitch
  6. Softcom
  7. Tek Experts Nigeria
  8. Oracle
  9. Google
  10. Flutterwave

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