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The Continuous Work Culture: Remote Routine

In Nigeria, remote work isn’t new although it seems to be an uphill task as most employers are quite distrustful as regards its effect on their company’s growth and survival. the power of employers to make sure that the remote work will suit their companies will determine its success and failure.

There are several perks of working remotely and these are three reasons why Nigerians should embrace the remote work because the new normal.

1. Increase in productivity

Since employees get to settle on an environment that best compliments them, there’s better concentration and fewer distraction which are peculiar to the office quite life, thus increasing productivity by working more efficiently and effectively.

2. Cost reduction

Securing an office space is on the high side especially in cities like Lagos and Port-harcourt. this suggests that having remote employees would require less resource and utility thereby reducing heavy burdens on rent budgets.

3. Potentials are tapped during a wide selection

Remote work allows for companies to increase their tentacles to an outsized pool of talents and potentials as there are not any limitation by geographical restrictions. there’s no a part of the country that employers cannot tap from since there are virtual visual apps.

To have a stable work frame with the remote culture routine, there’s got to have or hire the proper set of individuals . From talent and skill set, it’s necessary for remote employees to possess self-motivation, interpersonal skills, discipline, and excellent communication skills despite their job roles. during a bid to maximize the merits and minimize the demerits of getting a foreign team, employers can put to use the subsequent tips.

A. Set goals and expectations

There is need for employers to possess laid down rules as regards communication, targets, dates/times for meetings and check-ins. The management of a foreign team is predicated on having clear project goals and objectives.

B. Utilize communication tools

For an efficient remote work team, there’s need that each one virtual work tools should get on deck to make sure an efficient communication no matter the geographical location of every team member. Communication tools like file sharing tool like Google Docs, instant messaging platform like Slack, video calling apps like Skype and Facetime, project management tools like Asana and Trello and a Nigerian developed time tracking tool, Worklogs are often utilized.

C. Company’s Guideline should be imbibed to remote teams

Remote employees must be made to cooperate with the terms and conditions of the corporate . Employers must make sure that remote teams don’t lose their sense of belongings as such; they need to put in extra effort to cultivate connectivity between remote workers and other colleagues.

D. Team’s skill development

As it is with normal with the normal teams that employment from the office, remote teams too should be included within the career and skill development training and mentoring classes which may either happen virtually or physically.

Having checked out the perks and demerits of remote work, it might be interesting if we discuss how remote work routine has reshaped a serious business city like San Francisco which is popular for its high amount of rentals especially in Silicon Valley . As tech giants switch to remote work, there are records of low rent which tends to imply that an end has come to the congested bustling and commuting environment. As a worldwide tech hub, Silicon Valley has been around for an extended time making it attract a number of the world’s biggest tech players like Facebook, Alphabet Inc., Apple, Microsoft, just to say a couple of . These big players and a number of other startups have made the San Francisco their place of abode.

Due to the growing increase of the tech industry and payment of the tech professionals, landlords have increased rental prices up to mouth sagging levels within the previous years. The shift of adopting remote work because the new normal globally has had a fundamental impact on San Francisco’s rental market because business leaders are realizing that they will operate without counting on workers to punch in at their desks. In accordance to the monthly data from rental platform Zumper, San Francisco rental prices were down nearly 12% year-on-year in June. This represents the most important decline within the nation where countrywide rents have risen 1%.

Anthemos Georgiades, co-founder and CEO of Zumper says during a statement that: “Zumper has been tracking rent prices across the country for over five years but we’ve never seen the market fluctuate quite like this, as an example , rent prices in San Francisco have historically only gone up and typically only incrementally, yet now we are seeing double-digit percent rent reductions. this is often unprecedented for this generation of renters.”

Big Tech leaders like Twitter and Facebook has announced that their employees are going to be performing from home and can still do so permanently and Google has recently extended its work from home policy till the top of the year. The research of the rent increase occurred after these big players have made their decisions.

Although the shift towards accepting remote work because the new normal might not get on the list of major companies, but the understanding that employment are often effectively operated off-premise will cause openness to remote working. this might cause lower cost of living in cities as space as former office buildings open up for housing, reducing the speed of gentrification and channeling extra money into areas on their peripheries; reduced congestion and lower rents could see city centers regain some revitalized identity as places for entertainment and culture.

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