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Cybercriminals and fictitious News: Argentina is doing it

Established in April 2001, the National Information Technology Development Agency may be a federal Agency which is under the watchdog of the Federal Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy. consistent with Section 6[a, b, and m] of the Act, the NITDA was put in situation for the research, planning, development, standardization, application, coordination, monitoring, evaluation and regulation of data Technology practices, activities and systems in Nigeria.
Hadiza Umar, the top of the company Affairs and External Relations department of the National Information Technology Development Agency [NITDA] signed a press release where the agency warned Nigerians on the vicious acts of internet fraudsters within the recent times especially with the COVID-19 Pandemic on the surface including fear and anxiety that tagged along side it, as such, these criminals using it as a template to defraud and destroy unsuspecting citizens of the country.

It is deserve note that a malicious file is being circulated called “Argentina is Doing it,” this fraudulent news is being passed around on social media platforms especially WhatsApp and it’s used to cause chaos and fear within the mind of the targeted individuals. The file is circulated a video format and immediately it’s opened, it tends to hack the mobile device during a jiffy of 10 seconds while so as to form this file look original and high , the message falsely adds that the source of the file is that the Cable News Network (CNN), hence, gaining attention of the social media community.

The agency has currently exposed the evil vices of some phishing websites that was responsible in misleading the overall public that the federal has released and permitted the disbursement of funds under a fishy name called “Lockdown Funds.” These fictitious websites would then direct the victim to fill in their sensitive data like bank details so on enjoy the so-called funds because it was disclosed on the agency’s Twitter handle.
How ‘Argentina Is Doing It’ works
The following are the identified format cum characteristics of the hoax messages from the cyber-criminals:

  • Messages that claims to possess some quite affiliation with a corporation of high cadre, thereby, instructing to forward such message contents;
  • Messages that tends to make chaos within the mind of the recipients, as such, making impossible claims or serious consequences about the side effect of the virus; and
  • Messages that contain tension creating languages which tend elaborate the urgency of the threat of the proclaimed virus.

“The agency hereby beckons on all well-meaning Nigerians to hitch hands with the federal in its efforts at containing the spread of COVID-19 within the country by not dispatching malicious news. the overall public is therefore implored to ignore such messages as there’s no CNN article regarding this razzmatazz intrinsically message may be a variant of an identical message in circulation since 2017. it’s also expedient that we consciously stick with recommendations and advice’s given by health experts, and follow updates from eligible sources of the relevant agencies handling this pandemic,” they stated.

In a bid to assist the agency’s aim to unmask and curb evil vices of cyber-criminals, the President Muhammadu Buhari has initiated a committee to start the digital identification process of Nigerians and this committee are going to be chaired by the Secretary to the govt of the Federation, Boss Mustapha. This information was related on Twitter by Dr. Joe Abah, a member of the committee as he explained that the committee would compile other data held by the govt including BVN, National Identity Management Number and therefore the likes.

The purpose of this project is to reinforce the event of digital identity in Nigeria, as such, leading the govt to make such committee that has merge as a 3 tier institutional arrangement which is formed from a strategic unit, a committee and a unit for implementation of the stakeholders to implement a digital identification strategy. Identity management in Nigeria are going to be made easy and well coordinated with the Digital identification drive, intrinsically providing the govt with data on Nigerians which might are needed during the drive for palliatives for poor Nigerians during the pandemic and other areas of governance regarding details of the citizens.

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