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Google Meet reveals its newest feature that overtakes Zoom and WhatsApp.

Google, which acquired Limes Audio back in 2017 to assist power the system, says it began to develop the new feature of noise cancellation thanks to the time difference between the Google Meet teams within the UK and Stockholm with colleagues within the USA, who were often wolfing down breakfast during meetings due to the time difference between the 2 offices. Noise cancellation, which is that the latest feature on Google meet [nee Google Hangout], as its name predicts will erase out any background sounds like tapping on a keyboard, the soft sound of a desk-fan, the sound from sipping of a drink from a straw cum cup or the rustle of a packet of biscuit during a mid-meeting snack.
Back in May, Microsoft promised an update which might reduce the noises of dogs barking or keyboards clicking. Now, Google Meet has pressed the button on its way of creating video calls more productive, effective and enjoyable and this place the video conferencing software way above every other meeting apps because it might be something big as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and, other apps would wish to compete with one another to win, and keep, new users.

GOOGLE has flipped the turn on its awesome new noise cancellation feature which promises to cut-out any ground noise which may disturb your calls and it is a serious advantage over rival video conferencing apps options like WhatsApp, Zoom, and Facebook’s all-new Messenger Rooms. It’s being unrolled now to Google Suite customers on the online , with iOS and Android to follow.
Despite the very fact that we’ve got wont to video conferencing apps that vary in visual quality which checkerboard effect where a coloured outline chases participants around the screen consistent with who’s talking, yet it’s the audio quality that always derails in video calls and sometimes straining to listen to participants over irrelevant noises are often quite tiring, especially for calls and meetings that just continue and on.
Serge Lachapelle, director of Google Suite product management created a demo using the new feature as he talks while he’s rustling the packet and though there’s a special audio quality to his voice, every word is audible and understandable, but those pesky chips are as quiet as if you were eating something else that’s so silent. This was seen on Venture Beat and it’s hard to believe just how effective it’s – those chip packet rustlings that were silenced are most impressive during this new feature upgrade.

In the same vein with active noise cancellation in headphones, Google’s new upgrade eradicates the ground noise in real-time by implementing its nifty AI [AI] system. This also adds clarity and conciseness to your voice which is analogous to how Google Home connected home gadgets function a day even as the smart speakers are ready to detect your voice command no matter whether you’re taking note of music in loud speaker or seeing a blockbuster movie with loud sound effects.
As it concerns Google Meet users across the world , noise cancellation are going to be enabled by default but it are often disabled if you are feeling the necessity to form your colleagues here the sound of your fingers as you press the keyboard or other distracting sounds that enters from the closest environment. Google meet newest feature happens within the cloud; therefore, it shouldn’t be drawing from your phone or laptop – regardless of how underpowered or overused it’s .

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