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Social media versus News media: A perpetual tug of war

In the past decades, journalism has maintained the apex when it involves news content delivery especially within the 1800s and 1900s because it was important for the typical Nigerian to stay updated about the various economical sectors, thus, the sales of newspaper was on the high, resulting to increasing streams of income cum revenue for the journalism . within the early 20s when GSM came to the platform, the revenue level began to diminish including the emergence of internet and various social media platforms as most of the people don’t take newspaper with much enthusiasm as within the previous decades. It seems to me that the social media is competing and spreading its tentacles even over the journalism with little or no effort because it got the web as its favorite ally. Internet came into play and therefore the direct advertising that was the purview of traditional medium is now shaky because it is being threatened by the heavy competition of social media.

In alliance with the research made by Statista, Nigeria’s Internet users have increased to 123.49 million and therefore the average millennial spends almost 24 hours online weekly; meanwhile, African millennial see social media as their main source of stories and knowledge . I don’t know if it’s just me but have you ever ever wondered why the huge increase within the use of internet? it’s interestingly twisted the initial use of mobile devices; from music to videos and games, instant messaging, and social media content that might make it an arduous task to stay offline. Even the routine habit among the younger generation has felt the drastic change also as there’s a decline within the rate at which cinemas or recreation centers, shopping malls and therefore the likes are being visited.
Social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter usually put up engaging content and brainstorming discussions that intertwines everybody – both prominent and unknown. The audio visuals utilized by these platforms are the mainstreams that keep people distracted and loose time on social media instead of reading newspaper that has tiny words and boring visuals. it’s widely believed that media participation often stems from the necessity to be accepted. And with social media presenting an civil right to urge this acceptance, people don’t care if they ride on waves of recognition or achieve notoriety as they strive to urge noticed and therefore the price doesn’t always seem an excessive amount of to pay.

The spontaneous emergence of communication has eased the method with technology perpetually reshaping communication modes. Social media may be a germane catalyst in information dissemination, which is that the primary role of stories media. It appears that the more effortlessly information passes through social media channels, the more pressure there’s on digital journalism to compete and adapt. the power of stories media to dispatch information out depends on the supply of advertisements funds to run the business.

Internet usage brought more options causing the increase within the number of stories publications, each with its style but when it involves which gets traffic, Google is responsible — lording over ad traffic through program tracking. Google AdSense is employed by most online platforms to form a couple of dollars but the result are often limited by the frequency of site visits but the socials seem to be taking up another level of advertisement. Glimpsing at what proportion Facebook makes from advertisement sheds light on things because the Alexa ranking, which shows website engagement statistics, is usually considered before a web publication is taken into account for advertising; popular social media platforms attract more ad spending.

One of the perks of journalism platforms is to deliver timely, fair, accurate and objective reporting but with social media being free-to-access, there’s little to zilch which will be done about censorship. However, exceptions are made when content violates a platform’s terms of use. A sensational tweet or voice note on WhatsApp, as an example , will trend even before it’s authenticated and this often increase mob mentality and encourages misinformation. Most social media platforms don’t feel the necessity to verify stories due to the competition for timely reporting.

Making an exemplary of the tech community, startups are seen making launching, funding, or acquisition/merger announcements via social media, usually Twitter. Since the web is growing with sizable amount of users across the world and there’s nothing which will likely curb this, the way forward is for the journalism to stay ethical in content delivery while trying to stay the balance with their fluctuating streams of income.

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