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  1. Download the app from goggle playstore or Apple store, then users enable it to use Bluetooth features on their smartphones.
  2. During the app found out , users are going to be asked to enter the primary half their postcode. Users won’t be asked for any longer details until they need to report symptoms.
  3. Always keep your phones with you because it will run within the background, awakening whenever it senses another phone with the app coming into range. The app will log another phone for 28 days if the 2 devices came into close contact.
  4. Reporting flu-like symptoms within the app.
  5. the info provided by the user will analyzed by the NHS AI programme. If the AI decides the symptoms meets a threshold for Covid-19, that person should self – isolate for 14 days.
  6. Alert are going to be sent to previous contacts because the AI will systematically analyze contacts the app has logged in with, thereby advising them to self-isolate for 14 days.
  7. The symptomatic person are going to be directed to where they will be tested.
  8. If the test result’s positive, self-isolation is suggested for all places visited, if the test is negative, the app will send a second aware of the contacted people informing them that they will stop self-isolating.

As stated earlier, the app isn’t currently available widely but was launched on the Isle of Wight, as such, NHS secretary, Matthew Hancock said the people on the Isle of Wight would be written to with information on the way to download the app from the govt . The slogan for the NHS would be: “Stay reception , install the app, protect the NHS, and save lives.” The NHS app uses Bluetooth system therefore it doesn’t need mobile data once you are out and about; the app doesn’t track GPS signals for now.
A contact tracing app called TraceTogether has also been unrolled in Singapore by the govt to trace those that could be infected by coronavirus. Since its invention in March 20, it’s been downloaded 800,000 times within the hope of making a “community – driven” response to the virus, although they’re now switched for wearable dongles. Also, the CovidSafe app was introduced in Australia in April but some cyber-security researchers says the 1.5 version of the iOS release contains a bug meaning iPhones will fail to be detected when locked.
The tech giants, Apple and Google have teamed up to supply each country a bit of technology which will help to show all iphones and every one Android phones into contact tracing devices. The system will record contact when a smartphone is within a few of feet of another device for up to 10 minutes since Bluetooth wireless can sense devices from up to 15ft away. Though people from different countries or states have different contact tracing apps, the system is interoperable and can be ready to alert them to exposure. Google said the tools would be added to Android via a download within the Google Play store while Apple will offer it via an iOS software update.
Experts have estimated that the NHS contact tracing app will need a 60% adoption rate among the population to be a hit . With many of us concerned about contact tracing data privacy, it’s hard to imagine all are going to be willing to try to to so but a Bluetooth beacon system could help to counterattack this unwillingness by making the technology more accessible to more people.
It has been researched that relying heavily on mobile technology would mean that almost 1 / 4 of the population could slip through the cracks, as such, Detlef Nauck, BT Group head of AI & data science research floated the thought of ‘Bluetooth beacons’. This device would serve an equivalent function because the app but be mass produced for those without access to an Android or iOS smartphone and serve an equivalent function. He related that alittle wearable Bluetooth device might be shared among homeless people and young children who don’t have access to their own mobile phones intrinsically expand the reach of the trace device.

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