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Portable Air Conditioner


How glad would you be if you realize that you have access to a mobile cooling device that keeps you fresh and warm all day long? Blaux portable AC is a sleek, efficient, and personalized air conditioner made specially to fit the need of individuals who love comfortable and classy lifestyle. This AC has a spectacular filter that purifies, cools and humidifies an environment quickly after it is turned on. Its USB 2000mAh rechargeable battery helps it to stay on running for as long as possible.

Noise Free


Blaux portable AC, when compared to other air conditioners in the market, offers a great deal of comfort and allows you to sleep or work peacefully without any distraction. This is because it is a noiseless technology with not more than 40 decibels, its unnoticeable sound when functioning distinguishes it from other ACs with mechanical sound that can make the user lose focus when resting at home or working in the office.

Window vs Portable


You do not need any formal training to get acquainted with Bluax portable AC, you only need the basic knowledge which includes; charging it with the LED light alerting you when the battery is either low or fully charged, filling water into the tank of the AC when it runs out and selecting from the three different types of light made available, depending on your preference. You can also adjust the speed to your liking.

Easy to use


This portable AC is generally affordable compared to other conventional heavy air conditioners. With its lightweight design and size, you do not need to spend anything further for it to be assembled and installed by a technician. There’s no need for any maintenance expenses because it can be easily cleaned and maintained by the owner with a neat cloth and disinfectant. Having a chargeable capacity means there is no extra electricity bill to be paid.


It has USB type C port that enables for convenient charging through a socket or even a power bank with no prior installation. The fact that the battery is chargeable through a USB port makes it perfect for those who do not have enough money to spend on electricity bills. You can enjoy a long day of warmth and cooling fresh air with the Bluax portable AC because the battery is highly durable.


Up to 40-decibel noise
Type C USB charging port
DC 5V nominal power requirement
Guarantee: 30 days long
Two operating modes and 3 fan speed
Battery life: 8-hours (first gear), 5-hours (2nd gear), 5 hours (3rd gear)

Noiseless functioning
Suitable for travelling
Very affordable and easy to maintain
Unavailable in stores and markets


Where can I buy Blaux portable AC?
It is exclusively available for online purchase on the official website of Blaux at an affordable price and convenient deals.


After assessing all the information and reviews out there about Blaux portable AC, one is at freedom to declare It the best, top-selling air conditioner that every individual who does not already have it ought to endeavour to get one, except for people who have no need for it.

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