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5G network: Airtel’s readiness versus NCC readiness

One of the leading telecoms, Airtel Africa Plc was reported to possess said that it’s almost ready for the implementation of the 5G network as Raghunath Mandava, the Chief military officer disclosed within the recently held half-moon earnings call in 2020. He was asked about Airtel’s point of deem regards their development within the 5G network arena. Mandava responded that: “Some of our networks are literally alright found out for 5G or 4.5G as this area has our topmost interest.”

Some of us have raised the question within our scope of influence that’s 5G networks really subsequent thing for Nigeria? that’s like questioning the readiness of the Nigerian Communication Commission to receive and make it serviceable to the overall public.
The CEO of the highest telecoms stated that there are still tons of things that require to be wiped out mapping out the framework for 5G network in Nigeria and this is often because the country isn’t fully able to adopt 5G technology, he stated. He said that “We are planning ahead but the key question is, what instances can we run 5G on and what are the utilization cases? As we speak, the routine will consider two uses. First are going to be for autonomous cars that everybody talks about but the latency for this is often very low which signifies the quantity of your time you’ll take a choice between getting a sign and returning . This results that there’s need for low for autonomous cars and lots of such devices while you would like very high speeds both for broadband et al. .”

The Nigerian Communication Commission’s School of considered 5G

In accordance to the telecoms regulator, there’s a advance the policy laid down for deployment of 5G in Nigeria as this was in line with a directive by the Ministry of Communications and therefore the Digital Economy. This was a directive proposed so on promote the event of Nigeria’s communications industry. In succession to the demos in six locations across the country, NCC announced in June that it had started the procedure to birth it forth into reality. The 5G has the capacity to lock the expansion of the digital economy within the country because it is usually about 100 times faster than the present 4G network.

Rumors revolving around 5G

Several rumors have sprung up during the year surrounding the 5G technology which has raised the eyebrows of Nigerians following the claims that it had been linked to the outbreak of Coronavirus. Notable dignitaries also peddled rumors regarding 5G, like Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s claim on twitter which cause serious online uproar and false allegations against the govt for the licensing the likes of MTN Nigeria to work 5G network within the country.

The Approved 5G trial test by NCC conducted by MTN lasted a period of three months, and therefore the trial had been concluded with installation decommissioned. “The trial among others was to review and observe any health or security challenges the 5G network might present. Relevant stakeholders including members of the safety agencies were invited to participate during the trial,” the statement read. The NCC had to issue several statements, clarifying that 5G network doesn’t cause Coronavirus which it had been yet to issue a 5G network license to any telecoms.

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